Zero ID for Mac is a great privacy tool to keep your personal data in check, forget about spamming and use temporary emails and phone numbers. 

What is ZERO ID for Mac?

Zero ID for Mac Dashboard

In today’s tech environment, it’s a breath of fresh air to see an app that gives privacy to the user and not profits from it. ZERO ID for Mac is an application that offers plenty of features to have a full picture of your privacy footprint. But more importantly, it gives a user the power to fight back. 

There are intuitive and easy-to-use temporary email and temporary phone number widgets. With one click you are basically securing yourself from tons of spam and eliminating any surveillance. It is quick and straightforward. 

When companies use your email address and social media profiles for commercial spying purposes, having a temporary one cuts them out of this process and that’s definitely a good thing. 

ZERO ID for Mac | Features

The program comes with a widget-based design. First you have to give it the necessary permissions on your Mac, a standard practice for this type of apps that operate with Full Disk Access. In the case of ZERO ID for Mac it is done in order to see what other apps are doing with your info. 

Widgets in Zero ID for Mac

After the permissions are given, the showtime begins. The interface is divided into Tools (with temporary number and email widgets) and Issues (with various breach-checking services) menus. That seems like a nice touch of UX as everything is clear, slick and usable. With clicking on a Scan button you’re getting an informative picture of how your Mac is faring privacy-wise.

ZERO ID for Mac shows whether your email was included in a breach, notifies about the crucial Mac updates, monitors online browsing traces, warns about the logged-in accounts and unnecessary application permissions and tracks messengers that store your data. Basically, it’s an all-in-one privacy sentinel that helps to keep your data to yourself and cut surveillance.  

Email breach detector Zero ID for Mac

The game changer is the Tools section. It’s not that there weren’t services to create temporary emails and phones before. It’s that ZERO ID for Mac makes it completely effortless and quick, reducing this process to a mere click. Understanding the real value of a temporary email and phone today, it’s quite an achievement. And if we are talking about privacy protection, it’s a serious blow in the face of tech giants. 

So with the app, you can create a new email address for receiving messages. While it sounds simple, the capabilities of this feature are endless considering that the majority of applications and businesses rely on emails for login purposes. You can create a custom email address or use a randomizing feature. Deleting takes one click.

Random email generator Zero ID for Mac

The same goes with the temporary phone numbers. Here the app works according to the country and the application you need this phone number for. Choose the location, the app and voila, you can receive the messages and leave your own phone number out of it. 

Temporary Phone Number in Zero ID for Mac

ZERO ID for Mac | Usability & Performance

What I really loved is the simplicity of it all. Widgets are all well-thought out and every action is intuitive. The look of the app is minimalistic. It is definitely easy-to-use with one click separating you from a new email or a number. 

As for the performance, the app does exactly what it advertises and does that quickly and without any drawbacks. Sure, it may dig even deeper into the privacy-related features but what it offers at the moment is completely satisfactory to keep your device out of the reach of data mining crooks. 

Price & Availability

ZERO ID for Mac operates on a subscription basis. A 1 year subscription for 1 Mac is $29.99. A great thing is that you can also pay by cryptocurrency. The subscription includes all the subsequent updates and access to the future versions on other devices. 

Price of Zero ID for Mac

Also, you can try it for free before making a purchase.

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